Branding, HIPPA Compliant Web Platform Design & Business Management

Transformative Effects Automated, Online Healthcare Infrastructure

In the beginning when we established Mindfeeder, it began as a IT company focusing on the infrastructure of mental health providers and cost effective solutions for the management of their business. Ranging from remote office management, billing and credentialing services, automated scheduling and billing solutions and help implementing state of the art EHR/EMR systems and training.

Nina Petersen was our first customer. We thank her for her faith in our business in the early years and to this day still proudly serve her private practice and all of it’s needs.

In the world of private practice, most solutions for business operations are very disjointed, multiple companies and different software’s are used for each separate task and day to day operations become daunting for this type of small business owner.

We provided her with our very first, all encompassing solution for everything. To not only run smoothly but, operate under all HIPPA and federal guidelines mandated. As a matter of fact, she went from zero insurance provider contracts and a handful of patients… to established contracts with all the major insurance companies and a waiting list one month out – in a months time with us.

We custom designed and integrated everything into a mostly automated solution. Intakes can be done by the patient at home, sent securely to the provider, automatically imported into the EMR/EHR system and billing software, patient benefits are polled instantly, insurance claims are handled by us in a matter of minutes and filed electronically with the insurance company and patient accounts are billed weekly by our staff. Our turn around time on electronic claims is 3 -5 days and remaining balances due by the patient billed out weekly.

Impressive? We think so…

Highlights from this project

Implementation of all guidelines set forth by insurance payors to be in compliance, local business licensing, Liability Insurance, LLC & NPI Type 2 formation, Advertising & EMR/EHR training for providers.
Remote Office Management – Customer relations, scheduling and billing clients, development and deployment of electronic HIPPA compliant patient intake forms & daily correspondence with insurance payors
Insurance Billing & Credentialing – Performed and provided custom solutions in all aspects of billing insurance companies for services rendered, initiated on-boarding process and retention of credentialing providers with all major insurance companies, provided reconciliation services of patient accounts & handled complex floating fee schedules per patient and per payor
Custom design and implementation of providers website and patient portal, adherence to strict HIPPA guidelines and security, integration of- on-line scheduling/ electronic forms/ EMR/EHR system / website – as one cohesive platform to easily service patients and providers