Siren Lounge

A modern and stylish lounge with a bold and daring design, featuring a variety of craft cocktails and live music.


A contemporary and elegant lounge with a striking modern design and an exceptional drink menu.

Aspen Villa

A luxurious, modern mountain estate with an open floor plan, high-end finishes, and breathtaking views of the Aspen Mountains.

The Tech Hub

A cutting-edge, modern tech office building with innovative workspace designs and technology infrastructure.

The Luminary

A luxury apartment complex with a sleek and contemporary design that radiates sophistication.


A modern mixed-use development with a unique design that centers around a dynamic vortex feature.

The Grid

Innovative and eco-friendly housing community featuring sleek and modern townhomes and condos.

Fusion Heights

An architectural masterpiece of luxury high-rise condos that merges the skyline with the beachfront.